Waiting 800 years for files to download or save on your Gateway.

In grade schools all over, the battle between Airwalks and Vans raged on for skate shoe supremacy. People were fiercely loyal to their brands, but in the end, Airwalks fell off and ended up at Payless.

The layered bob that launched thousands of sexual awakenings, and even MORE trips to the hair salon. Ladies of the ’90s knew how to use a round brush with a blow dryer like nobody’s business.

Everyone from the late 90's can remember standing in front of a endless wall of movies trying to decide what movie was going to make their Friday night. 

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The Florida Marlins beat the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. 

This movie was a phenomenon, and unless you were old enough to remember, it’s hard to comprehended just how BIG of an impact this had for the longest time on pop culture.

All these years later, it’s still surreal that this even happened, and that two talented artists, Biggie and 2Pac, who were at the top of their game, died.

Top Movies from 1997

1. Titanic
2. Men In Black
3. The Lost Word: Jurassic park
4. Liar Liar
5. Air Force One
6. As Good As It Gets
7. Good Will Hunting
8. Star Wars (Special Edition)
9. My Best Friend's Wedding
10 Tomorrow Never Dies

The ultimate weapon against a prank caller! Star-69’ing their asses, and ~scaring~ them. Well, it also sucked if you used it too much, ‘cause it was like 10 cents each time you did it.

This also marked the end of the carefree days when you could call your crush, lose your nerve, and hang up over and over again.

Pop Culture of the 90's

There was nothing worse than being the one kid who couldn't see the hidden image. If you were ocularly challenged in a manner that hindered your useless ability to view a supposedly three dimensional image amongst a repetitive sea of two-dimensional images, you were relegated to endless ridicule and social alienation. God help you if you suffered from the curse of poor binocular disparity, as you were likely headed for a sad and lonely existence devoid of exciting jump-from-the-page imagery. A seemingly pointless skill of blank staring suddenly set apart the Haves from the Have Nots.

No Fear was most regularly worn by kids incapable of performing any high-adrenaline stunts. However, the associated cool of extreme skier Glen Plake turned the balls-to-the-wall statement into a school hall staple.

Pagers came with a whole culture all their own — pager codes became a not-so-secret language pre-texting (143 = I love you, 187 = I’m gonna kill you, and so forth), and there was the added bonus of being asked if you were a drug dealer by any adult who noticed you had one.

Kids don’t even own DVDs today, much less VHS tapes. But one thing’s for sure: Nothing ruined the excitement of putting a VHS tape in only to find it was at the end or in middle of the tape. And rewinding it took FOREVER.

Yup, this one is probably buried deep down in the recesses of your mind, but there was a time when you had no option but to use a pay phone to call people while out in public. And nothing was worse than realizing you didn’t have a dime to make a call and you would have to call collect.

Top Movies from 1998
1.Saving Private Ryan 
2.The Mask of Zorro 
3.The Wedding Singer 
4.The Big Lebowski 
5.A Bug's Life
7.The Truman Show
9.The Waterboy 
10.American History X

If you wanted to be hip and listen to music in the ’90s, you used a Sony Discman. CDs were the way of the future, and the Discman had you prepared. While perhaps not the most portable devices, a nice Discman could give you up to a full minute of skip protection.