Why is the reunion so expensive?

Planning any event is going to cost money. We're paying for a venue, caterers, entertainment, parking, and other vendors. Imagine hosting a wedding for up to 500 guests. There are required expenses that most people don't consider.

For those of us that still live locally, we can get together any night of the week for a casual gathering. That's not what this is. We're expecting our friends who have moved away to come back and we owe it to ourselves to really respect the fact that this is our 20 year reunion. Flights to California, hotels, childcare, etc. Some people are spending many hundreds of dollars to join us and it wouldn't be right to throw a cheap event together.

Our tickets are less expensive than any other in our district (we've checked) and we promise it will be the best event by far. At our early-bird pricing, we’re actually losing money on each ticket. We’re offering the discount so we can collect enough money to give deposits to our vendors.

What is included in the ticket price?

Amongst other surprises, your ticket includes: 

  • Dinner catered by Wolf Creek
  • Two drink tickets (beer or wine)
  • Commemorative gift to take home
  • Music and dancing
  • Photo & video slideshow
  • Professional photographer
  • Games and activities
  • Valet parking
  • Donation to the school

Why is it at a brewery?

The committee looked at many venues including the Valencia Hyatt, Magic Mountain, and places out of town. We picked the brewery for several reasons: It's a favorite amongst locals, it's very close to Valencia High (where we'll be the night before for the Homecoming game), and their prices are more affordable than other venues. Wolf Creek Brewery hosts many events for our community throughout the year and it’s a beautiful venue when it’s done up at night.

We know it's not possible to make everyone happy and every decision may be challenged. Some people will say the event is too expensive while others will complain that it’s not fancy enough. We've been planning this event for over a year and we're doing our best to put something really special together for everybody.

Is this a formal event?​

It's not formal, but semi-formal or business casual would be appropriate. Dress like you're going to a wedding. 

For men: Pants and a button-up shirt works well. Tie and jacket are optional. No shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops.

For women: You could probably get away with any kind of dress. Cocktail attire is nice. Only real advice is WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. The ground is not perfectly even at the venue, so it will be tricky walking around in heels.

Can I bring my kids?

We’ve thought about the possibility of making the reunion a family event and ultimately decided against it for a couple of reasons. The event will be at a brewery and alcohol will be served. As such, this has to be a 21+ event. Also, we felt that most of us would feel more comfortable opening up and sharing high school stories if there were no kids around.

What’s this about Homecoming?

We’ve worked hard to coordinate our reunion with the athletic department and the Hart District. Valencia High School will be hosting the annual Homecoming game on their new (to us) Dr. Paul A. Priesz Stadium. This is a family event and you are welcome to bring your kids. We’ll share information about tickets as soon as we have it.

Why should I come to the reunion? I see all of my friends on Facebook.

It’s true that with social media, we’re able to reconnect with people at the click of a button. Most members of our classes are not in our Facebook group and many of them aren’t on Facebook at all. Seeing occasional posts and photos from somebody is a poor substitute for hugging hello and sharing old stories over a beer. You may run into friends around town if you still live in the SCV, but somebody you know is flying in from out of state and they’re hoping to see you there. We’re providing a place for people to reconnect after losing touch two decades ago.

Will this be like our 10 year reunion?

Not at all. Our ten-year reunions were planned by a third-party company whose business is to plan cookie-cutter events, sell tickets, and maximize their profits. Their events are very impersonal and we didn’t feel like we got much from them. The members of the VHS 20 reunion committee joined because it was important to each of us to make sure we did our 20-year reunion the right way.

Who is the reunion committee?

Our reunion committee is actually made up of alumni from the VHS classes of 1997 and 1998. We have an equal number of alumni from each class, a balanced mix of men and women, and a healthy representation from many of the school’s sports/music/extracurricular programs.

We have invested hundreds of hours into planning so far over the last year and we're not getting paid a dime. In fact, we're paying the same prices for our tickets as everybody else. We're volunteering our time to plan a special event because we care about our reunion.

Is this for the class of 1997 or 1998?

Both classes started at Valencia High School in 1994. The students in the class of 1997 transferred to VHS after completing their freshman year at other schools while the class of 1998 students started as freshmen. They were the only two classes at the school opening year and went through a lot of the growing pains together. Since both classes were quite small (by today’s standards) and we had so many friends in both classes, we decided to combine forces and plan an epic evening together.

I graduated in 1999 or from another school. May I come?

We’ve gotten emails from all kinds of people that want to join the reunion. Unfortunately, we have to draw the line somewhere and we decided it would be best to officially sell tickets to only alumni from our classes. The good news is that they are able to bring whomever they want as their guest. See if you can find somebody willing to get you a guest ticket. It would save you both money.

What is the donation to the school?

One thing we knew since the first day of planning is that we wanted to present the school with a gift from their first graduating classes. We have not yet finalized the gift, but we’ve discussed several options with the school administration. Ticket sales will dictate the type and value of the gift we're able to donate. It could be a bench with a placard saying it was donated by the first graduating classes, new trophy cases, or a cash donation. There is a certain percentage allocated toward the school gift plus any left over funds (if any) will be included.

I can't make it to the reunion. May I contribute to the school gift?

If you are unable to attend the reunion, but would like to contribute to the gift, you can do so through Paypal using any major credit card. Paypal charges us a fee for any credit card transaction. If you have a Paypal account, you can maximize your donation by using the "send money to friends and family" feature. 
Our Paypal email address is info@vhs20.com. Thank you for your generosity!